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Solve Problems

Achieve Goals

Build Relationships

Transition to a New Career/Job

Results Oriented Learning is here to serve as a sounding board and trusted advisor, provide insights, and help you stay focused and resilient in the face of life’s challenges and pressures. Coaching through Results Oriented Learning will help you:

All coaching services begin with a free 30-minute discovery call to understand your needs and expected results.

As a standard, Results Oriented Learning uses The Birkman Method in our coaching services. 

Discounts available for people who commit to 12 month engagements,  people who refer others who sign up for coaching services, and groups of 2 or more.

Individual Coaching


Business / Executive Coaching

One session, up to 1-hour in length, to coach you on an issue / topic of your choice


Self-awareness Starter Package

Four sessions, within 2 months, to coach you through a process to increase self-awareness and improve performance


Personal & Professional Development Package

Twelve sessions, within 6 months, to coach you through a variety of topics to solve problems and improve performance

Group / Team Coaching

Group / Team Coaching and custom / tailored workshops are available by request 

Discuss, guide, and train at a group level on topics such as “High Performing Teams”, “Driving Team Results”, and any of the topic areas covered in individual coaching.

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