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Group / Team Coaching

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What Does it Offer?

Custom / tailored workshops and coaching sessions to discuss, guide, and train at a group / team level on topics such as “High Performing Teams”, “Driving Team Results”, and any of the topic areas covered in individual coaching. The following Birkman information and insight report sets (in italics) are available for use in group coaching and training and can be used to understand and improve group dynamics:

  • Accountability

  • Biggest Mistakes

  • Handling Commitment

  • Handling Conflict

  • How to Incentivize You

  • How to Talk to You

  • How to Work with You

  • How You Influence Others

  • Increasing Sales Effectiveness

  • Motivating You

  • Organizational Fit

  • Organizational Focus

  • Relational Disrupters

  • Team Player

  • The Effect of Interests on Work

  • Trust

  • Your Ineffective Tactics

  • Your Leadership Style

  • Your Possible Challenges

  • Your Strengths

  • Group Birkman Map – Displays where members of a group show up on the Birkman Map of interests, usual behaviors, needs, and stress behaviors

  • Group Graph – Displays individual and group data on Birkman Components and Interests

  • Group Component Combinations - Displays where members of a group show up on a map of Birkman Component combinations that commonly affect group dynamics 

    • Social Energy & Self-Consciousness

    • Assertiveness & Social Energy

    • Assertiveness & Self-Consciousness

    • Assertiveness & Incentives

    • Emotional Energy & Physical Energy

    • Thought & Insistence

* All Custom / Tailored Group Workshop participants will be eligible for a discount on individual coaching *

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