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Personal & Professional Development Package

What Does It Offer?

Everything in the Self-Awareness Starter Package plus eight additional sessions (12 total), within 6 months, to coach you through issues / topics of your choice including, but not limited to:

Performance Improvement 

(Includes Birkman report set)

  • Communicating with Others

  • Relating to People Socially

  • Response to Structure and Change

  • Making Decisions

  • Creating Your Ideal Work Environment

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Potential Issues

  • Areas to Explore

Stress Management

(Includes Birkman report set)

  • Interpersonal Relationships

  • Schedules and Details

  • Decision Making

  • Money and Trust

Relationship Development

(Includes Birkman report set)

  • Relational Disrupters

  • Your Relationship with Your Partner

  • Your Relationship with Your Child

  • Comparison Reports between you and others who have taken the Birkman are available as long as they agree and participate in the coaching session. These reports describe significant similarities and differences between two people as well as key recommendations to consider when two people work together. 

Management and Leadership Development

(Includes Birkman report set)​

  • Management style

  • Your Leadership style

  • Your Ineffective Tactics

  • How You Handle Others

  • How You Influence Others

  • How You Incentivize Others

  • How to Incentivize You

  • How to Work with You

  • How to Talk to Tou

  • Motivating You

  • Biggest Mistakes People Can Make with You​

Team Building

(Includes Birkman report set)

  • What Kind of Team Player Are You

  • Trust

  • Handling conflict

  • Handling commitment

  • Accountability​

Career Development

(Includes Birkman report set)

  • Career Exploration

  • Organizational Focus

  • Organizational Fit

  • The effect of interests on work

  • Your job search

  • How you approach interviews

  • Your strengths

Sales Enablement

(Includes Birkman report set)

  • How You Influence Others

  • Increasing Sales Effectiveness

  • A Guide for Your Sales Manager

Faith Formation

(Includes Birkman report set)

  • How You See God in the World

  • Your Prayer Life

  • Studying the Bible

  • Forgiving Others

  • How You See Stewardship Opportunities

  • Sharing Your Faith

  • Your Ministry Style

  • Teaching in the Spiritual Community

  • The Praise and Worship Team Member

  • Ministry Focus

Access to attend interactive online seminars and/or one workshop in a 12-month period

Access to view recordings of training on a variety of topics

Additional coaching sessions, up to 1-hour in length, available at a discount ($250 each)

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